Education is certainly our path to a brighter future. The question is: Is our academic system equipped for a rapidly changing world? Can we really wipe out 'knowledge commoditization'nd perception of students as a mere product for the industrial world? If education in 21st century is to fulfill its promise of a better future, it urgently needs to:

• Transform teaching; help students become self-confident and better prepared to solve the real world problems
• Redefine 'quality' as a factor linked with the values reflected in the learners; not just the outcomes
• Introduce innovative, low-cost solutions for holistic improvements; including accountability for outcomes, teacher talent management and
curriculum enhancement

Litchi Knowledge Center is a result of this urgency to transform education through innovation and action. We are a team of young ambitious individuals with a strong belief that 'quality education' is the only way that leads to a brighter tomorrow. And we carry with us the commitment to act and implement innovative solutions which can positively transform education. Litchi works with educators, thought leaders and institutions to help them improve the quality of education through innovative and yet practical
solutions focused on:
• Enhancing professionalism and capabilities of the educational set-up
• Ensuring greater Return on Investment (ROI)
• Using technology to improve effectiveness
• Replicating world-wide best practices locally, strategically